Friday, January 21, 2011

Less is More

I am a huge fan of flowers. Then again, what girl isn't? One of my dream jobs is to be a florist (along with owning my own (cup)cake shop). My boyfriend sent me a mixed bouquet of flowers for my birthday. Although I really love bouquets, it is also neat to see how you can rearrange the individual flowers when some of the others have died. There is no point in throwing away a whole bouquet unless all of the flowers are wilted. In this case, I find that less really can be more. A lot of people own big vases, but not everybody owns ones that are perfect for housing just a few single flowers. So, what to do? Recycle. My favorite type of bottle to use is a small glass Saratoga water bottle. Although I enjoy flowers in clear vases, the blue bottle can act as a great compliment or contrast. It makes just as much of a statement as a big vase of flowers. And, the bottles look great with dried out roses too!

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