Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter blues? Get a new pair of shoes!

I go through different periods of time where I wear the same accessories, just with different outfits. This can be said of both my jewelry and shoes. Although I am a jewelry fanatic, I do not consider myself a "shoe girl". However, my shoe of choice for this past semester was the original Sperry Topsider. I have had them for a good few years now, but I didn't start frequently wearing them until this past summer. I bought them originally to wear boating. My dad has always been anal about his boats, and likes to keep them free of any kind of mark. Despite their original use, I have found them to be a great everyday shoe. The classic brown goes with almost anything, and I love the hidden plaid on the inside of the shoe. I have worn them so much that I am thinking it is almost time for a new pair. Around Christmastime, I was browsing in a store called J Michael's Shoes in Syracuse, and I found an awesome pair of Docksides by Sebago. I tried on a pair in "dark pink", which is pretty similar to a nantucket red, and I immediately fell in love. The shoes looked and felt great. I have worn them a few times since then with no problem. They are so comfortable, there is no need to break them in!

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