Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fashion Forward: From Winter into Spring

With all the wind, snow, and freezing air that has been bustling around upstate New York, it is no surprise that I am yearning for a little springtime. However, knowing how long winters can last up here, it may be a while before it actually starts to look like spring. Believe it or not, March is less than a month away, and that is when I start gearing up for the spring season! What to wear in those awkward months, when it's still fairly cold, but you want to add some color to your wardrobe? A colorful scarf! Scarfs can be worn almost three quarters of the year, and they instantly add character to a look. I prefer lightweight clothing, so scarfs can be tricky for me. But I do enjoy Jcrew's scarfs, which can be found in a variety of fun colors. Also, Lilly Pulitzer has a ton of scarfs in beautiful prints right now. I only wish I were able to buy them all!

Also, at the end of the month Lilly Pulitzer will be selling this skirt (also in the first impression print):

How cute is that?


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