Saturday, February 26, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies!

It's Girl Scout Cookie Season! Yayyy! I used to be a girl scout, and couldn't wait for this time of year. When it rolled around, it was always exciting to hear of the new featured flavors, eat my favorite ones, and sell the cookies to all of the loyal customers. My girl scout days are long gone now, but the excitement for this time of year has not faded. My favorite cookie by far is the Caramel Delight (aka Samoa). There is just nothing like a good girl scout cookie!

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If you are like me, and do not have a girl that comes to your door selling cookies, you can figure out where they may be selling them through the online Cookie Locator.

This is what my living room used to look like, when the cookies would arrive:

My mom was the "cookie mom", which means she went to the big warehouse and got boxes and boxes of girl scout cookies to distribute to the individual girls, and then to sell at our booth sales. It was always fun watching the boxes pile up, destructing a significant amount of space in our living room. Each girl would stop by our house with their mom or dad, and my mom and I would pile the boxes into their cars (which were usually mini vans). Although my mom enjoyed it, I know she was happy when her duties as a cookie mom ended. Regardless, seeing those brightly colored boxes probably bring about fond memories for the both of us.


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