Sunday, February 20, 2011

Impossible is nothing. (part two)

In part of an effort to raise money for a spring training trip with my crew team, we host some sort of erg-a-thon. Last year we raised money for Habitat for Humanity and rowed 42,000 meters, which is equivalent to a full marathon. This year we decided to commit our time to other community service opportunities and collectively "row the distance" to Tennessee, which is where our spring break trip is. Altogether that is about 900 miles and a 15 hour bus ride. Each rower had to erg (use an indoor rowing machine) for 30,000 meters, which is approximately 19 miles. The experience went better than I had anticipated. I kept a relatively steady pace as my teammates and I enjoyed a couple different movies projected onto a screen. The experience was rewarding in so many different ways. It felt good to know that I had been training hard over the winter season and was able to complete such a long row with so few water breaks. To feel yourself use your muscles in such a way after building them up for a while is amazing. You sometimes forget how much your body is capable of because your mind teases you to thinking otherwise. But sitting there on the erg with my legs repeating the same fluid motion, as my back and bum ache to stop, I can't help feeling invigorated and compelled to go forward. Because I know I am capable of that, and I have faith in my peers who surround me with sweat and pain encompassing their faces. It's experiences like that that make it all so rewarding. It's trying and succeeding. It's fighting the battle and having the scars to show. It's knowing that pain really is temporary, and impossible is nothing.

photo by Martha Valentine. I'm the one in the pinkish hat!


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