Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maybe Karma Does Exist

So there is a nice little store right here in Saratoga Springs called The Pink Paddock Boutique. It is a Lilly Pulitzer via shop, and tonight they hosted an event through Skidmore College. It was called "Learning Lilly: An Insider Look at Managing a Compelling and Creative Brand & Career." It was very inspiring, especially for someone like me who is an art major, and interested in design and retail. There were a few different speakers, including: Joanna Lee- Lilly Pulitzer Director of Merchandising & Marketing, Kimberly Burton- Pink Paddock Owner, and Jennifer Raines- Lilly Pulitzer Business Development Manager. The event was very nice and well run. At the end of the night, they gave out prizes for different trivia questions.  I answered the first question and won a murfee scarf (this is where the karma comes in, because I blogged about the scarfs yesterday, and happened to win one tonight)! The cool thing about this scarf is, it supports breast cancer awareness, and $5 from each scarf goes to the American Cancer Society.


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