Friday, February 25, 2011

Soft Skin

Since the one nice teasing day of spring-like weather last friday, every other day has been winter-like. Don't get me wrong, I love all four seasons in different ways, but winter just always seems to out-weigh the other ones in terms of length. I am ready for spring already! My skin just doesn't seem to agree with this cold weather either. I am done with dry skin and chapped lips! However, I am not done with Aquaphor, which works wonders. I used to use Vaseline on my lips and hands during the night. But Vaseline is more of a skin protectant, where as Aquaphor is similar in feel, but a healing ointment, which actually makes your lips feel moisturized. Chapstick can temporarily make your lips feel better, but it can end up drying them out more. Aquaphor is overall a great product, and you can even use it as a substitute for clear lipgloss. Plus, when you put it on your hands at night, they feel so much better in the morning. For daily moisturizing, I recommend Eucerin Calming Cream, which is by the same company that makes Aquaphor. They are essentials for purses, backpacks, bathrooms, and bedrooms.


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