Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snagging the Sweet Tooth

Straight up, sweets are my downfall. They are just so tasty, I can't resist them. It really has started to become a problem. I walk into the dining hall and there is my favorite crumb cake on a friday morning, my favorite cookie on a tuesday afternoon, and a new dessert that is calling my name on a wednesday night. The truth is, my will power is horrible. Honestly, if I didn't work out everyday, I would probably be a good 175 pounds heavier. Don't get me wrong, the occasional sweet treat is good for you. You need sugar to survive. And if you deprive yourself of this, you just end up binge eating later on, which makes you feel even worse. So how do you find a balance? How do you learn to settle for a natural sugar, such as that in a strawberry or a grape? That is truthfully something I'm still working on, and something that I may be working on for a while. I love fruit, but It doesn't feel like dessert to me. I'm not sure that type of sugar can give me the fix that I need every day. I am still looking for tips, or the magic solution to curb my constant cravings. However, there are some things that I have found to be helpful.

1.) Eat breakfast. I know I stressed this in a recent blog post, but it really does make a difference. 

2.) Eat before you get hungry. This doesn't mean eating out of boredom, or snacking right after you've had a meal. It means eating before you get so hungry that you are "starving" and ready to shove just about any white carbohydrate down your throat. So if you know that you usually get hungry around 6, have a small snack around 4 to curb your appetite.

3.) Try not to think about that treat that is calling your name. Distract yourself with other things like work or activities you enjoy doing.

4.) Eat something that is sweet, but that isn't necessarily "bad" for you. I enjoy a banana with peanut butter and honey, a banana with peanut butter and mini m&ms, a whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter and honey, fruit smoothies with yogurt, a glass of chocolate milk, GO LEAN Crunch Cereal, or greek yogurt. All of these things are sweet and taste good, but are actually good for you too! They all have essentials like protein, fruit, and/or a whole grain.

5.) Cut back your portions. If you want a piece of cake, and there is one that is really large and the other is small, take the small one. You won't regret it. Although you may think you want the big one, it may end up making you feel worse afterwards, which gets rid of the enjoyment of eating a treat in the first place. Also, don't go back for seconds. Trust me, the first cookie is always better than the second.

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What are your favorite healthy snacks? Any advice for a chronic case of "can't get enough sweets"?


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