Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crazy for Cookie Dough.

I have to say I have been pretty well behaved in terms of my nutrition. No I have not cut back on all of my indulgences, but I have cut back enough to make my indulgences feel like indulgences (if you know what I mean). There gets to be a certain point when things no longer taste good because you give yourself too much too often. Cutting back really makes you appreciate special treats! Taking that into account, I think one of my very favorite treats would have to be cookie dough. No not cookies- real, fresh, made from scratch, cookie dough. If I am forced to eat cookies (if anyone would ever have to force me), the gooier and the softer the better. I rarely get to indulge in cookie dough when I am at school! So, am I excited to live off campus next year so I can bake and cook as I please? Yes. Will that include eating raw cookie dough from time to time? Yes. (although I might have to find an eggless version). Am I dying to make cookie dough CUPCAKES? YES. Two of my favorite food groups combined! Mmmm.

Images that aren't helping this matter, and also for your viewing pleasure:

images 1-4 {via) image 5 {via}

What are your killer indulgences?



  1. ALL OF THIS looks SO good!!! I love cookie dough of course...and chocolate chip cookies. I think pizookies might be my favorite in that category though. I was making a lot of baked goods this winter but now I'm trying to cut back...

  2. I also meant to comment that that is really cool you're friend is doing Houston TFA! Hopefully I run into her at institute training in June.

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