Saturday, March 5, 2011

J.Crew Factory

So I have been sick the last few days, and just could not muster up the energy to write a blog post. My apologies! ( I also need to learn to become more organized and manage my time better ). CB needed new flip-flops, so we went to the J.Crew outlet to get some. I know,  most people don't need to buy flip-flops in the winter, but CB likes to wear his all the time, even when it's snowing. Anyway, he decided on these ones:

How cute with the little whales? I love the critter flip-flops! If you don't have an outlet near you, you can go to the J.Crew Factory Online Store, which is open on the weekends. You can also get to the link through J.Crew's regular website and click on the "factory" icon in the top left-hand corner. J.Crew outlet stores sell different products then at their regular stores, similar, but usually cheaper! I like the online homepage right now, it kind of reminds me of Kate Spade.

other items I am liking:


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