Monday, March 28, 2011

Martha Stewart Living: Easter Favorites

Martha Stewart Living is one of my very favorite magazines and Easter is one of my very favorite holidays,  so when the two join together, you can only imagine how excited I get. The latest spring issue featured a bunch of fun Easter crafts, and good Easter finds. The magazine always has really fun colors and beautiful pictures to look at, and I was particularly enthralled with the array blues this issue had. One of my favorite featured things in this magazine however, was gourmet Easter candy (surprise, surprise). A company called Woodhouse Chocolates, based in Napa Valley CA, makes these beautiful milk chocolate and brown-butter ganache chocolate eggs. I might just have to send myself some for the holidays! This could be a fun take on what I consider to by the "traditional robins egg"- Whoppers Robin Eggs of course. I may or may not have already bought myself a bag...

(Whopper version)

(Woodhouse chocolates version)

How good do those look?


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