Thursday, March 24, 2011

PatrickIrla Jewelry

I've been eyeing this ring on Etsy for a while, and seeing as my blog is called "Happiness and Hydrangeas", I thought it would be appropriate to mention. The ring is a sterling silver band and has an 18K yellow gold hydrangea blossom perched on the top next to a small diamond. It is handmade by PatrickIrla Jewelry and it is breathtaking. The style also makes it perfect for stacking!

stacked with a tiny bee ring by the same artist:
How cute do those look together?!

Also, I think it would look great with a special handmade ring my mom gave me from a designer based in Syracuse. I wear it everyday:



  1. I LOVE the idea of stacking rings. I typically wear three silver rings that are entwined.

  2. Ah these are sooo cute! I want. I love your blog, glad I stumbled upon it :)