Monday, April 11, 2011

A Bit Late...

I've been super busy with school work and crew, that my new found obsession with blogging has been in the back of my mind. Regardless it's only monday, so I think it's important for me to reflect on the things I was thankful for this past week.

  • Thank you for april showers. There is nothing like warm rain that helps beautiful flowers grow!
  • Thank you to crew, for making me wake up early in the morning and kicking my butt with a good workout. (Also to see pretty sunrises).
  • Thank you to Price Chopper for providing me with fresh flowers (to buy myself) for my room to bring a bit of spring inside!
  • Thank you to my parents. I've been missing you guys!
  • Thank you for living in a house next year. I'm done with dirty dorm rooms!

What have you guys been thankful for lately?


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