Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Flowers are finally blooming in Saratoga Springs, NY! Across campus some of my favorite flowers can be seen and smelled. Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons, and a lot of that has to do with the blossoming flowers. In my opinion, the presence of flowers makes each day so much happier. It brings back fond childhood memories of my mother gardening. My mom had the most beautiful gardens growing up (she still does). The house that I lived in until about the time I was 15, had gardens that went all the way around the house. She put a lot of thought and effort into her planting, and it always turned out well. I'm pretty sure she won "best garden of the village" or something, at least a few times. And she definitely deserved it. Day after day, she would be out laboring in the sunshine, digging in the dirt. Often, she was eager to let me help her and she always wanted my opinion on the layout of the plants. In the gardens at our River Home she always lets me have my own section to create and although the choice of plants and layout wouldn't always be her choice, she let me garden anyway. When we moved into our new house, we had the help of a landscaper at first, but my mom made sure she approved everything, and still tends to all the plants herself. I still enjoy making comfortable conversation with her, as I watch her garden and sometimes get my hands in the dirt as well. My favorite flowers today are still the same ones I loved watching bloom in front of my childhood home.

my favorite springtime flowers:

Lilacs. We had a huge tree (or two) on the side of our driveway that just overflowed with blossoms. I swear our whole backyard smelled good just because of that tree. Every year I would always clip a few and bring them to my teachers.

Daffodils. The brick sidewalk the ran up to our house was lined with daffodils. A nice greeting after walking home from school! I actually took this picture yesterday. The flowers are my suite mate R's. They are fresh from her parents garden and they smell so good! There is nothing like a natural air freshener =)

Hyacinth. We had them in our backyard near the garage. Ours were rather small and low to the ground. I thought they were so cute! On campus, there is some that has just bloomed right in front of the dining hall and it smells so good!

Tulips. A classic. And they come in so many different colors! We had a few of them spread out on the side of the driveway by the hyacinths. The fact that there were only a few in that particular area made them seem that much more special.

Are your favorite springtime flowers the same as mine and do they bring back fond memories for you as well?


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  1. Gorgeous flowers :) I love the tulips the most!

  2. Those daffodils are just beautiful! I think they might be my favorite!

  3. Daffodils, they just make me happy! But all of those are gorgeous!!

  4. forsythia bushes are a must for me-that happy yellow is just so beautiful!