Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here Comes Peter CottonTail...

Please excuse my absence in terms of posting these last few days! I had a race this weekend and then was busy celebrating Easter with my family and friends. The weekend, although short and rainy at first, went really well. My race was super close to my boyfriend CB's school, so he came down to watch the race with a couple of his friends. We had a solid race and advanced to finals. Later that afternoon, my parents, little sister, little sister's boyfriend, and I headed to our "River Home" in the Thousand Islands, on the St. Lawrence River. Unfortunately, my brother couldn't make it because he goes to school in Chicago. But, my good friend MC came for the festivities, along with CB and his younger sister who goes to school with him! The rainy day turned into warm sunshine and us kids enjoyed walking around sipping on iced coffee. Afterwards, all of us, plus another one of my friends, all went out to dinner, which was very good! CB and his sister left to go back to school after dinner because they had a lot of studying to do for finals. The rest of us kids decorated Easter Eggs, something my sister and I have made somewhat of a tradition. They all turned out really cool!

In the morning, we always hunt for Easter Baskets (yes, my mother still does this and I am perfectly okay with it). I found my Easter basket first!

Inside was a usual array of easter candy, a Dunkin' Donuts Giftcard (yesss) and soap (from TJMaxx).

MC and Little Sister also got soap in theirs. I thought the wrapping was pretty, so I took a picture:

I hope everyone who celebrates had a Happy Easter, and for those celebrating Passover, that it is going well! Let me know about the fun family traditions you all have!


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  1. Looks like you had a great Easter! those soaps are almost too cute to use!