Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Maddie, from the blog Spark, awarded me my very first blog award- the One Lovely Blog Award. I was thrilled when I found out that she gave me this award, especially because she's one of my favorite bloggers. She's new to the scene, even more so than I am, but she knows her stuff and is very blog savvy. If you have not checked out her blog before, make sure you do! Anyway, for the award I am supposed to list seven random facts about myself, and then award it to 15 other bloggers, so here it goes!

1.) I'm a momma's girl. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad just as much, but my mom and I are basically the same person. One may find it frightening.
2.) I'm a middle child and I think this makes up a huge chunk of who I am. Some say the middle child is often neglected and passed over, but I highly disagree. I think i've got the best of both worlds. =)
3.) I am definitely a north east girl. Maybe it's just the fact that I've lived in the state of new york my whole life, and now go to school here. Although I often get mad when the cold weather prolongs, I love having changing seasons.
4.) Then again...I've never been to the west coast. The farthest I've been is Scottsdale, AZ, and I loved it. I am planning on traveling to cali and seattle sometime in the future!
5.) I'm a studio art major. After spending three and half semesters trying to find some other calling, I came back to art, something i've always been good at.
6.) I have been skiing since I was 3, but only recreationally, never competitively! My favorite place I've skiied would have to be Mount Tremblant in Montreal, Canada. Although I would love to hit up some mountains in Colorado and maybe even the Swiss Alps!
7.) I just started blogging in January, and I am slowly figuring it out. I consider myself to be a little bit technologically challenged. But I love blogging, I'm hooked!

And now to award some of my favorite bloggers, both novice and veterans:

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Congratulations! Pass it on, and happy blogging!



  1. Aw thanks for the plug girl! I love your blog too and enjoy your insight on everyday life. You've never been to the west coast??! Come to Portland, you will love it! My brother goes to school at Colgate in NY so I am actually there pretty often. But now I'm moving to Texas so I guess that means I'm going to be a southerner??!

  2. it literally is such a small world. i'm from the suburbs of syracuse, so I'm super close to colgate, and i have friends that go there! also, I go to skidmore college in saratoga springs, which isnt too far away. also, funny that my friend is doing teach for america in houston next year! I've never been to texas or portland, but if i go, which i hope to someday, you will have to let me know some good spots!

  3. thankss!!! have a great night!
    xoxo emily

  4. Thank you so much for the award! Too sweet :)


  5. Thank you thank you!! Glad to have found your blog.

  6. Thank you for the blog award!! I'm your newest follower :)