Wednesday, April 13, 2011


In my opinion, Free Cone Day was a success. I tried both the "Oatmeal Cookie Chunk" and "Maple Blondie" and I have to say I preferred the maple blondie. The maple flavor was not overpowering at all and it was not too sweet. One small scoop was the perfect amount!

On another completely random note, Emily, fashionista and author of Cupcakes and Cashmere, a blog that I frequently visit, was interviewed with College Fashionista about fashion and her personal blog about a week ago or so. If you don't already follow her, or Carly of the College Prep, who also blogged about the interview, you should definitely check it out! She has some interesting views about the blogging world, and it was cool to see her personality through something other than text and photographs!

Also, stay tuned for more new and exciting blog posts!


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  1. my mom visited tuesday and we got dairy queen (my favorite of the chain ice cream shops), but on the way home we passed a ben and jerry's and realized maybe we should've gone there for free cone day instead!

  2. I totally forgot about free cone day. Sadness. But I love this video from cupcakes and cashmere!

  3. Aww love your blog! I just found it, Cant wait to read more :)