Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

I know my blogging has been lagging lately, but the only excuse I have is that the weather has just been too darn nice that I've been spending so much more time outside than inside, and therefore far less time on the computer. I started off my summer last week, when MC and I ventured down to florida and stayed in my grandparents condo. It was a nice way to start the summer, because we never really got a spring break. Now I'm at CB's family's house which is on the south shore, near Boston. Time has been flying by! I can't believe almost two weeks of my summer is already gone. At least I'm getting a break, until I actually start working again!

1. Summer Sunsets. I took this picture when I was down in Florida! The one's in the Northeast aren't quite there yet, but give it a few weeks and they will be!

2. The Peonies CB and I gave his mom. They look so pretty on her kitchen table!

3. RJ Graziano bangle bracelets I found at a shop in a town nearby! I might have to go back and get colorful and pretty!

4. Personally Yours bracelets, from Maximal Art John Wind signature collection. I saw these in a boutique nearby as well, and loved them! They look cute plain, or with added charms!

5. Brightly colored nail polish! It's perfect for the summertime. I'm currently wearing Essie's "One of a Kind," that I borrowed from CB's sister.

What have you been loving lately?


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