Thursday, July 7, 2011


So I know this is a little late coming, but I hope everyone had a good weekend. The weather has been beautiful, so I've been spending most of my free time outdoors.

This is me on the 4th at my summer home in the thousand islands sporting my Lilly.

I was also sporting this awesome henna that my sister drew free-hand on my foot:

CB came up to visit and we spent most of our time on the river. We did make it to the Antique Boat Museum which was actually really awesome and well worth the ten dollars. If you're ever in the 1000 Islands or the St. Lawrence region I highly recommend going and checking it out.

One of my very favorite things about the museum was the houseboat La Duchesse that we took a tour of. It had the coolest fireplace that had starfish and shells on it. I want to replicate it and put it in my future house!

How was your weekend?


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  1. I love your outfit in that first pic! And I'm so jealous you got to go out on the river! FUN!